All Things Pumpkin!

all things pumpkin!So let’s all just be real honest with ourselves…who doesn’t love some part of autumn! And  with autumn comes PUMPKINS! Oh my goodness, how can so many things be  made out  of pumpkins and still smell so yummy, taste so tasty, and look so glorious! I  mean I don’t  even care for orange a whole lot – but I sure do love me some pumpkins in  the fall! It is neat to go through and see how one small part of God’s creation – a  pumpkin – can do so much and be so versatile in our lives!

This post might seem a little goofy…but it is what the title says it is – All Things  PUMPKIN!!    What does that mean?!? Well, I want to share all the things I love that smell like, taste like,  have activities related to or have pumpkin in it somewhere! If you love pumpkins…this is  the post for you AND if you don’t like pumpkins…this is the post for you! Either you will  love them more by the end or find a new love!

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte from McDonald’s…yeah I said it! Not Starbucks this time! It is a little less overpowering on pumpkin and spice – it has that great combination AND IT DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK at $2.49! Try it out!

2. Pumpkin Muffie from Panera! I know it sounds like an odd food, but its a muffin top…aka best part of a muffin and saves you on calories!

3. Pumpkin Patches are everywhere in the fall! They are always so whimsical and fun for literally all ages – and I don’t just say that to be cheesy! But I will say, be willing to drive for a good one! Josh and I drove out to one about 30 minutes away last year but it was sooooo worth it! It was like a pumpkin/autumn wonderland. It was on a farm which was really neat and had rides, spook house area, tons of pumpkins to buy, fair type food, and lots of great picture spots! Try to find one in your area! This amazing one I am referring to is called Rombachs Farm and I just realized…it opens tomorrow!! Free admission and parking!

4. Pumpkin carving is such an art and fun activity to do at any age! Yes the insides can be yucky, but if you are really dedicated you can find a cheap pumpkin anywhere and create an autumn front porch masterpiece! But get a good carving kit!

5. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle from Bath and Body Works! And I am not going to lie, they get pricey so wait till they have a sale! But whoa are they worth it – the aroma just fills your home with the warmth and fun of autumn!

6. Baking with pumpkin! There are literally hundreds of pumpkin recipes out there online – just Google or search on Pinterest “pumpkin recipes” and see what comes up! I mean some are odd, I stick to cookies, breads, cakes, etc! To each his/her own though! PLUS there are a lot of health benefits from pumpkin consumption – they aid in weight loss, help protect your skin, fight cancer, boost immune system and much more! Just look it up!

So….how do you feel about pumpkins now!?